Excavator Slewing Bearing

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All of our Excavator Slewing Bearing can be manufactured with internal gears, external gears or without gearing. Special gearing, such as helical and worm gears, are also available upon request. The seal concept is also configured for each individual case of use, and takes account of particular environmental conditions, such as particularly saline or dusty air. The bearings can also be coated for extra corrosion protection.


Excessive play or movement signifies that the raceways are worn. As clearance increases, wear is usually accelerated, making close monitoring critical. The play, or clearance, in a slewing ring bearing is another important indicator of a problem. A new bearing is assembled with a specific amount of clearance to compensate for slight out-of-flatness encountered in a mounting structure. This clearance can increase dramatically due to wear.


An increase in torque or binding can mean that there is uneven wear in the raceway. If the turning torque of the bearing increases substantially or if the bearing has tight spots, this usually indicates an uneven load distribution. With excavators, for example, the operator may notice a wobbling or rocking motion in the upper structure, especially when the digging arm is extended with a load. The operator may also sense a resistance to swing and find that the upper swings an inch or two past the point where it should have come to a stop. In advanced stages of wear, the bearing will pop and crack as the machine digs and wings.

Excavator Hitachi Ex225 Slewing Ring, Swing Circle, Slewing Bearing

R158.22 5822

Excavator Hitachi Ex210-5 Slewing Ring, Swing Circle, Slewing Bearing

62,000 62,000 mm
2TS2-DF0865LLBCS45/5 40,000 mm

Excavator Jcb Js240 Swing Circle, Slewing Ring, Slewing Bearing

0,95 Kg 85 mm
45x85x41 85

Sumitomo Sh200g3 Excavator Swing Circle/ Slew Ring

0,562 Kg 6 °
75 mm GE50ET/X

Excavator Carterpillar Cat336D Swing Circle, Slewing Bearing, Slewing Ring

5830 kN 650
170 mm 650 mm

Excavator Carterpillar Cat345c/Cl Swing Circle, Slewing Bearing, Slewing Ring

336,55 69,85 mm
165.1x336.55x92.075 92,075 mm

Excavator Hitachi Ex450 Slewing Ring, Slewing Bearing, Swing Circle

20 mm 1 mm
Single Row Ball Bearings

Excavator Kobelco Sk330-6e/ Sk330LC-6e Slewing Bearing, Slewing Ring, Swing Circle

130x166x41 166 mm

Excavator Kobelco Sk360 Slewing Bearing, Slewing Ring, Swing Circle

3.1750 40
6.0000 23.0000