Slewing Drive For Solar Tracker

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Slewing Drive For Solar Tracker produce the highest levels of energy only when the sun is at the optimum angle to the panel. Active systems improve performance and energy production and require slewing drives for mobility. Kinematics’ slewing gears help make solar installations more effective and profitable by supporting movement in both single and dual-axis solar trackers.


Slewing Drive For Solar Tracker moving enormous solar tracking systems requires slewing gearboxes that offer both multi-plane load-holding and rotational torque. Slewing drives that engage a greater number of teeth offer the maximum amount of durability, power, and performance. The Kinematics hourglass worm technology allows for maximum survivability load-holding capacity during wind storms by engaging 5 to 13 teeth at a time (depending on size) compared to the standard one tooth. With improved strength and stability over typical slewing drives, our drives can support the load of large solar panels and troughs while controlling rotational torque.


Slewing drives enable active systems to track the sun by adjusting to the Earth’s rotation relative to the sun. Solar applications include photovoltaic (PV) trackers, heliostats, solar troughs, concentrated photovoltaics (CPV), and stirling engines. Kinematics drives can be mounted horizontally, vertically, and at tilted angles so an infinite number of orientations are possible.


Kinematics slewing drives are the most cost-effective single axis & dual axis solar-tracking solutions . They are designed, tested, and guaranteed for accuracy and efficiency for a 30-year field life.

21inch Slewing Drive Se21 for Solar Tracking System

21inch 1 pcs

High Precision Slewing Drive PE5 for Solar Tracking System

PE5 1 pcs

Dual Axes Slewing Drive with DC Motor Sde7 for Solar Tracking System

Sde7 1 pcs

Slewing Drive Se3c Worm Drive for Solar Tracking System

Se3c 1 pcs

High Precision Slewing Drive PE9 for Solar Tracker

PE9 1 pcs

Vertical Slewing Drive Ve7 with Square Tube for Solar Tracker

Ve7 1 pcs

Latest Dual Axis 3inch Slewing Drive Wde3 for Solar Tracking System

3inch 1 pcs

Precision Dual Axes Slewing Drive Pde7 for Satellite Antenna

Pde7 1 pcs

Single Axis Slewing Drive 3 Inch Se3 for Solar Tracker

3 1 pcs

Slewing Drive Se9a for PV Solar Tracking System

Se9a 1 pcs

High Precision Slewing Drive PE17A with 24V DC Motor for Solar Tracker

PE17A 1 pcs